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I want to hear that song

I want to hear that song
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Please forgive the "OMG I HAVE MAD JAPANEZE SKILLZ"-type title. I'm horrible at titles, and it's all I could think of.

Anyway, this is an anime/J-pop/J-rock/video game song rotation/request community which is updated every two weeks (give or take a few days)on Wednesdays whenever I have time. The list of songs I have can be found here. Requests should be left as a comment on this entry.


1. Don't request anything I don't have.

2. Don't request any song that was up last rotation, and try not to ask for anything that I posted too recently -- say, in the last three or four rotations. It gets boring posting the same songs over and over.

3. If you request something and I put it up and you don't see the update or something and miss it, I will not put it back up for you in the following rotation. Sorry.

4. Commenting when you download is not absolutely necessary, but I do appreciate it. It lets me know what people like and all.