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May 6th, 2007

05:22 pm
I'm still not totally up to doing a real entry (that requires thinking, and my brain cells are all being used up on memorizing facts about the history of Japan at the moment), but I saw this meme and thought I'd post it here, since I haven't got enough people on my actual friendslist to make it worthwhile.

So, comment here with a number between 1 and 3701, and I'll upload the corresponding song from my playlist. (Caveat: not all of my music is Japanese, so you run the risk of ending up with Russian technopop, Spanish punk rock, classical choral music, or something else you have absolutely no interest in. The majority of it is Japanese, though, so it is what you're most likely to get.)

ETA: Now with bonus link-dumping!

The Delgados - The Light Before We Land (Gunslinger Girl OP)
Heart, aka Kawashima Ai - Kimi no Koe (Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho)
I've (Ayana) - I Am Calling You (I've Remix)
I've (Reina) - Cross Talk (2006 version) (TSUGUNAHI 2)
I've (Utatsuki KAORI) - Cross Talk ~FISH TONE Style~
Kuwashima Houko - 16:05 @ Shinjuku
Midorikawa Hikaru - Go Ahead!! (Sukisho)
Midorikawa Hikaru - Pax Vobiscum (Samurai Deeper Kyo)
Miki Shin'ichirou, Hayashibara Megumi, & Inuyama Inuko - Roketto-dan yo Eien ni (Pocket Monsters)
Shimokawa Mikuni - Tomorrow
Current Music: Tomizawa Michie - Watashi no Hito Gingahen

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April 12th, 2007

11:09 pm
I do hate to do this, but having been pwned hard by college, I may not be able to start updating again until the term ends a little less than a month from now. I realize that's a long time to make you wait (especially considering you've already been waiting about a month) but... I just don't have the time right now, especially with the school internet as slow as it is. I'm really sorry.
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: Lia - Hanabi

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February 23rd, 2007

01:04 pm - Guess who's back?
pwned by school. have not slept for over 24 hours. am slowly overdosing on coffee. plz send help.

By which I clearly mean that now is a good time for an update! :D


Song: America
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: J-pop/cover
Artist: Takano Urara
Comments: I've always thought this song was... kind of an odd choice. But if you can get over the irony (?) of a Japanese woman singing about... whatever the hell this song's about, I don't know, but it's got to do with America... it's not a bad song. Takano Urara has a very powerful voice, and the arrangement's pretty nice.

Song: Bara wa Utsukushiku Chiru
Game/Anime/etc.: Rose of Versailles
Type: OP
Artist: Suzuki Hiroko
Comments: For some reason AL.tv says that this is sung by Ogata Megumi, while AnimeNewsNetwork says it's Suzuki Hiroko. It doesn't sound like Ogata Megumi in the least, though, so I'll go with ANN's listing. Anyway, this song is a classic which has been widely covered- chances are you've heard one of the covers at some point. I'm partial to Lareine's, myself. But this isn't about that. Um... it's a fairly pretty up-tempo song and I am too brain-dead to describe it any further. Yay.

Song: Fortress
Game/Anime/etc.: Deep Fantasy
Type: theme
Artist: Shimamiya Eiko
Comments: Have I uploaded this before? I probably have. Since I've uploaded just about every Shimamiya Eiko song I have at one point or another. Anyway, it's a slow, haunting trance song. Fairly pretty. I like it.

Game/Anime/etc.: Beck
Type: OP. I think. Possibly ED. I'm too lazy to check.
Comments: Let me just say that I don't really think you're "made to hit in America" until you can actually pronounce English in such a way that one can tell that it is, in fact, English. That said, this is a fun, catchy pop-rockish song, if a bit short.

Song: Hoshi Meguri no Uta
Game/Anime/etc.: Planetarian ~chiisa na hoshi no yume~
Type: ... Theme?
Artist: MELL
Comments: Planetarian made me cry the first time I played it, and listening to the music still makes me kind of sad (it's the same with AIR, actually- curse you, Key Entertainment!). Not as much this song, though, because it wasn't actually used in the game- it's a vocal version of an instrumental theme. That said, it's a pretty song- the melody is fairly simple and repetitive, but that just contributes to the dreamlike feeling.

Song: Itsudatte Motto Aishitai Aisaretai
Game/Anime/etc.: Marginal Prince
Artist: Morita Masakazu
Comments: Upbeat rock with occasional Engrish. It's kinda fun.

My Picks

Song: Farewell Song
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: J-pop/cover
Artist: Takizawa Ichiru
Comments: Takizawa Ichiru has done some original music with Barbarian on the Groove, but I have to admit that I like this cover of the ending theme from AIR better than most of her original songs. Ichiru's voice is nothing special (Lia's is much better, in my opinion), but the acoustic arrangement is just lovely.

Song: Rather than a Life of Finality
Game/Anime/etc.: Narcissu
Type: BGM
Artist: Yano Masashi
Comments: I uploaded two Narcissu tracks a while back, and I think it's time for another one. Because I like Narcissu's music. This track, in particular, is one of my - it's a very pretty, melancholy (synthesized) orgel track which adds some other "instruments" towards the end.

As always, requests are open; my list is here. One request per customer, please request a specific song (not "anything by ____" or "anything from ____"), I will only take the first six (6) requests. Please comment with your requests on this post and not any other.
Current Mood: exanimateexanimate
Current Music: Number 201 feat. rhu - Ataraxia

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February 8th, 2007

12:49 pm
Sorry, guys, I'm kind of busy at the moment, but I'll try to get the next rotation up soon. In the meantime, I'm going to be deleting the files from the, uh, "current" rotation to make room for other stuff. (It's a little late? early? for Christmas music anyway.)
Current Music: Ann Lewis - Onna wa Sore o Gaman Dekinai

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December 21st, 2006

02:27 pm
Here you go- the promised holiday update.

Your presents are under the cut.Collapse )

Requests are open, list is here, one request per person, I'll only take the first six requests.

And happy holidays, everyone!
Current Music: Teikoku Kagekidan- Kiseki no Kane (movie version)

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December 13th, 2006

01:29 am
Well, the good news is that there was better counting that time.

The bad news is... well, now that I'm not using upload services anymore, I can actually see how many times a file has been downloaded. And the numbers don't match up with the numbers of comments at all. For example, Spica, from the last rotation, was apparently downloaded 70 times. The entry's got 20 comments. You do the math.

I don't particularly want AUoK to become one of those really strict communities where it's friends-locked and you must comment on every entry whether you download or not and if you don't comment for five weeks in a row I ban you or whatever. Though admittedly this is more because I'm too lazy to keep track of that stuff than it is out of the goodness of my heart. And I don't particularly mind if a few people each entry forget to comment. But there is a huge discrepancy between the number of comments and the number of downloads, and that's just not nice to me or to the person who's letting me use his domain for this.

So in conclusion, if that was too long for you to read, every time you download without commenting, God (or Domo-kun, whichever) kills a kitten, and so on and so forth. Anyway, on to the music.

And there's lots of it this time.Collapse )

Oddly enough, requests are not open right now, because sometime in the next twelve days I want to do a holiday update. You can make your requests then.
Current Music: Horie Yui- Farewell Rain

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November 16th, 2006

12:55 am - I Aten't Dead
Sorry, NaNoWriMo ate my life. Is still eating my life, in point of fact. But here, have an update anyway- I was starting to feel guilty.

In other news, jeez, you guys cannot count. When I say six requests, I mean six requests. Six. Thou shalt not make seven requests and eight is right out, &c. But on to the music.


Song: Bubblegum Dream
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: J-rock
Artist: Zwei
Comments: This track is somewhat unusual for Zwei- it's lighter and poppier than their usual rock stuff. It's catchy and fun, but it gets annoying after a while in a way that their other songs don't. Still, it's Zwei, and I don't think I can hate anything they do. Plus, if you find their usual sound too weird, chances are good you'll like this song better.

Song: Futari no Xenopittan
Game/Anime/etc.: Xenosaga Freaks
Type: Theme
Artist: Maeda Ai, Suzuki Mariko, & Shishido Rumi
Comments: This is an upbeat, poppy, and utterly infectious song; the vocals are cute, with a sort of digitized beeping in the background and lyrics that are more about rhyme and repeated sound than meaning. It's not for everyone, obviously- you won't find any stunning vocal performances or innovative composition here- but it's good fun. A word of warning before you download, though: trust me, it will get stuck in your head.

Song: Houseki (Minagawa Junko)
Game/Anime/etc.: Anime Tenchou'b
Type: ... I can't remember her character's name.
Artist: Minagawa Junko
Comments: This song was B-VOICE's first release, and it remains my favorite. It's a mid-tempo song with just the right balance of pop and rock, and Minagawa Junko gives a solid performance (it never stops amazing me how good she is at actually sounding like a boy, while most female seiyuu voicing boys don't even come close). Again, you're not getting anything remarkably original or artistic here, but it's a fun song, and great to sing along to if you're so inclined (lyrics are here- scroll down for the transliteration).

Song: Shao Pai Long
Game/Anime/etc.: Macross
Type: Lynn Minmay song
Artist: Iijima Mari
Comments: Yet another catchy pop song, this one older and somewhat cheesier than the others this rotation, but still a good deal of fun. It's also on the short side, clocking in at under two minutes. It's got a bit of a Chinese-style thing going on in the intro (as the title would suggest), but the motif isn't carried through the rest of the song, which is a shame, because although it could've been really cheesy, it would also have made the song stand out a little more amongst the many similar-sounding Minmay songs. As it is, this song offers nothing special.

Song: Spica
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: J-pop/trance
Artist: Lia
Comments: Breaking the trend of upbeat pop stuff, we now go to something slower and more techno. This was my first Lia song, so it's got a bit of sentimental value for me, but I much prefer the other two songs off of this single, Hanabi and Moon, to this one. It's a decent trance song, along the lines of Tori no Uta but less dramatic and with more of a pounding beat, and it's got a nice chorus. It just doesn't really stand out to me much.

Song: Uneasy -Remix-
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: J-pop/trance
Artist: MOMO
Comments: And we have yet another I've girl. This song is along much the same lines as the last one, but it's somewhat darker and also more repetitive. At four and a half minutes, it feels longer. Again, it's a decent song, and fans of trance (or I've or MOMO in particular) will probably like it, but it's nothing amazingly special.

My Picks

Because I feel guilty for deserting you for so long, have four songs for the price of two.

Song: Aozora no Hate / Zetsubou no Hate
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: J-pop/rock
Artist: Okuda Miwako
Comments: Okay, I know, Okuda Miwako is a lot more mainstream and less obscure than the artists I usually showcase in this section. But I just got her album Futari, and I'm kind of addicted, so here you go. With her rockish sound and angsty lyrics, she reminds me a lot of Cocco in her softer-rock mode- think RAINING or Kutsushita no Himitsu- but with less folk influences and more pop. Aozora no Hate, a particularly angsty song about a girl who tries to kill herself because she's been rejected by a boy- is a good example of this general style. Zetsubou no Hate, on the other hand, takes Aozora no Hate, gives it more optimistic lyrics, and turns it into a piano ballad. Oddly enough, despite the fact that the former version is the angstier one, her voice is more raw and emotional in the latter, but that's not a big deal. They're both good songs, and both worth a listen if you're not allergic to a little emo every now and then. (By which I'm referring to the lyrical content, not the musical style.)
Download Aozora!
Download Zetsubou!

Song: Narcissu ~Instrumental~ / Narcissu ~Setsumi's Theme~
Game/Anime/etc.: Narcissu
Type: BGM / theme
Artist: ebi / REM
Comments: And we're back to the obscure stuff again. Narcissu is a doujin visual novel that deals with the last few months of two characters with terminal illnesses. It's fairly predictable- I mean, it's hardly a spoiler if I tell you that the main characters die at the end- but it handles the subject matter with a refreshing lack of sappiness in my opinion (and I'm not the sort who generally enjoys this sort of thing, either). It does veer sharply towards sentimentality at the end, but overall it's quite good. It's not a very well-known game, and it's not a very high-budget one either, I assume, given that it can be downloaded (legally!) in full, but it has a surprisingly good soundtrack. This particular piece, the main theme, is a pretty, melancholy (synthesized) piano track; the vocal version adds breathy, ethereal vocals and is even more gorgeous. There are other really nice pieces on the soundtrack, too- it was hard to pick just one- so you'll probably see more of them showing up here in the future.
Download instrumental!
Download vocal!

As always, requests are open; my list is here. One request per customer, please request a specific song (not "anything by ____" or "anything from ____"), I will only take the first six (6) requests. Please comment with your requests on this post and not any other.
Current Music: Mi- Yumemiru Shoujo ja Irarenai

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October 12th, 2006

07:01 pm
I know I do this all the time and I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble accessing the domain that has been kindly provided for me to host the music on, so until this is cleared up there may not be another rotation. If it never clears up or takes a very long time, I can just go back to using YSI, but I'd really rather not.
Current Music: doa- Rock 'n Roll Star

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September 19th, 2006

01:20 am
So I realized the other day that I have a whole bunch of stuff uploaded to the server that I uploaded for friends (and for my now months-old AIR FST), and I figured if I've already got it up, why not share it here before I delete it? Thus, this entry is especially long- probably the biggest rotation I'll ever have here.

36 songs under the cutCollapse )

Requests are open. My list is here. I'll take six requests before I close them. Please count the requests before you make one, as I frequently forget to edit this post once I close requests. Only one song per person, please.
Current Music: Itou Kanako- Tenni Yukyuu

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September 5th, 2006

03:56 pm
Sorry this took me so long.


Song: America
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: J-pop/cover
Artist: Takano Urara
Comments: Another Simon & Garfunkel cover. This is the only one (at least of the ones I've got) which is sung in English; I've got mixed feelings about that- on the one hand, I do like the original lyrics, and it'd be kind of weird to translate a song like this into Japanese, but on the other, she's got a very thick accent, which can be off-putting in serious songs. Actually, I think this is a pretty weird choice of song to do a Japanese cover of in the first place- it's so, well, American. However, it is pretty, the instrumentation isn't too obnoxious, and Takano Urara can at least sing (unlike Midorikawa Hikaru certain seiyuu I could name), so... overall, it's not bad.

Song: Dianoia
Game/Anime/etc.: Saishuu Shiken Kujira
Artist: Riya
Comments: This song is mid-tempo pop with pleasant vocals that seem well-suited to the song, but nothing about it stands out to me. It's pretty enough, but not exactly groundbreaking.

Song: Mezase Pokemon Master (ParaPara Remix)
Game/Anime/etc.: Pokemon
Type: Remix
Artist: Ishida Youko
Comments: It's, uh, exactly what it sounds like, really- a Eurobeat remix of the Pokemon theme song. It's fun, but the original is better.

Song: Nandakana
Game/Anime/etc.: Ebichu
Type: ED
Artist: Mitsuishi Kotono
Comments: I know next to nothing about this show, other than that there's a hamster involved, but at some point, somehow, I stumbled across this song, which is apparently not too easy to find. It's cute, though a bit slow for my tastes and not particularly well-sung.

Song: Teruterubouzu
Game/Anime/etc.: Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu
Artist: Aikawa Rikako
Comments: This song is fairly slow, and the singer has something of a weird voice (she did the songs Harahara Relay, Harahara^2 and White Dance for Pokemon, if that means anything to you), but it's kind of cute nevertheless. In a weird way. Which, I am told, pretty much sums up the series it comes from as well.

Song: Wanda Wanda
Game/Anime/etc.: Katamari Damacy
Type: Insert song
Artist: NAMCO Sound Team
Comments: Oh, Katamari Damacy. How do I describe your music? This song is sort of... techno-y, in a special Katamari way; there's a synthesized voice going "wanda wanda" over and over, hence the title. It's a lot of fun.

My Picks

Song: Douzo
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: J-pop-ish
Artist: Sasagawa Miwa
Comments: i don't really know how to classify Sasagawa Miwa. She's a very interesting, unique, sort of folk-y singer that not many people seem to have heard of. Her singing has a sort of chanting quality sometimes- it's not quite as evident here as it is in some of her other songs, such as Tsukusu, but it's definitely there. She's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I suggest giving her a try.

Song: Fallen Wings (Bad End)
Game/Anime/etc.: VG NEO
Type: BGM
Artist: I've Sound
Comments: A site I frequent sometimes puts up H-game soundtracks- not just the two or three songs by KOTOKO or whoever that we've all heard of and care about, but all the BGM and things. I tend to download them out of curiosity, and more often than not they're pretty horrible. But every so often I stumble across a good track, and this is one of them. It's a melancholy piece that begins with just piano and later on adds some sort of synth-y thing and then at the end goes back to piano again. It's very pretty.

Requests are open. My list is here. I'll take six requests before I close them. Please count the requests before you make one, as I frequently forget to edit this post once I close requests. Only one song per person, please.
Current Music: Mitsuishi Kotono- Aikotoba wa Moon Prism Power Make Up!

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