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June 10th, 2008

04:35 am
Maybe someday I'll do a real update again. In the meantime, have some albums I uploaded for a trade and don't want to waste.

Kuwashima Houko - Flores
Lia - dearly
Matsu Takako - a piece of life
Matsu Takako - Bokura ga Ita
Matsu Takako - Concert Tour 2003 "second wave"
Matsu Takako - Concert Tour vol. 1 "a piece of life"
Matsu Takako - harvest songs
Matsu Takako - home grown
Matsu Takako - Itsuka, Sakura no Ame ni...
Matsu Takako - Sora no Kagami
Minagawa Junko - TRUTH / Darkness of chaos
Momoi Haruko - Famison 8-Bit

And some quick reviews so that this looks less lazy:

"Flores" is a bit of an odd album. It seems to have some kind of story/concept going, but I'm not sure what it is. It's interesting, though, and Kuwashima Houko is a good singer, so I think it's worth getting.

"dearly" is not Lia's best album, in my opinion. Then again, I think "Colors of Life" is the best thing she's ever done, and that's not much like her other work, so you can take that with a grain of salt. Anyway, I find it rather generically poppy, overall. I do like karma and Last Regrets ~duo version~, though. And Lia's voice is absolutely gorgeous, as always. It might still be worth picking up if you're a fan.

Matsu Takako is a pop artist who plays the piano; she does mostly ballads and relaxed, down-tempo sorts of songs, though she has some more upbeat ones in there. She's not going to win any awards for originality, I admit, and if you listen to too many of her songs in a row they all start to run together and sound a bit monotonous, but in serving sizes of no more than one album she's pretty good. My favorite album of hers is "Itsuka, Sakura no Ame ni..." so if you only take one, I suggest that one.

"TRUTH / Darkness of chaos" is a single; the B-side was the ending theme to the game Remember11. It's... pop-rockish, I think? I haven't listened to it in a while, so I forget. I like Minagawa Junko a lot, but this single has never grabbed me.

"Famison 8-Bit" is a bunch of classic anime songs done in a chiptune style. If you ever wanted to hear your favorite anime songs as if they were background music for a twenty-year-old video game (plus vocals), this is the album for you. If you're glad that sound card technology has progressed past that stage, or are otherwise lacking in the necessary nostalgia factor, this is probably not the album for you. It's a hit-or-miss kind of thing.


Also, does anyone have Matsumoto Rica's "RICA the BEST" album? I have most of it, but I discovered today that my file for track 4 of disc 1 (which I think is romanized "Ah, Mujou ~Genroku Chaya Oharu~," but I've never been sure) is corrupted and will no longer play past the one-minute mark or so. So if anyone could upload/point me in the direction of that one song, that'd be great.
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March 1st, 2008

10:48 pm
... And another long gap. Something like three months there. ... I've been very busy, is all.

Also, no one comments anymore now that the requests post is separate. Seriously, guys, is a little thanks too much to ask?

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As always, requests are open; my list is here. One request per customer, and please request a specific song (not "anything by ____" or "anything from ____"). Please comment with your requests on the request post and not any other. Requests posted on rotations will be ignored.
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February 7th, 2008

01:41 am
Hey guys,

As you may or may not have noticed, all of the files that I'd uploaded for this site are gone. This is because the web host I was using said "no filehosting" and they had to be pulled. So! What this means is that as soon as I get back to updating (which will be soon, I promise), we'll be back to free upload services.

That said, does anyone have any recommendations for said services? I haven't used one in ages, I don't really know which are best. A relatively cheap webhost who won't kill me for filehosting would be good too, but that may be asking too much.
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December 17th, 2007

07:44 pm
And we're back to the long waits. Sorry about that. I'll try to get back on a more regular schedule soon.

This update doubles as my annual Christmas update. Only eight songs this year, which is way less than last year, but... oh well. I'm tired. (You know, I don't know what it is about Christmas music that I like so much. I'm not a big fan of Christmas. I'm not even really a Christian -- though Japanese Christmas music tends to be pretty secular anyway. I just like the music, for some reason.)

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As always, requests are open; my list is here. One request per customer, and please request a specific song (not "anything by ____" or "anything from ____"). Please comment with your requests on the request post and not any other. Requests posted on rotations will be ignored.
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October 31st, 2007

12:57 pm
Another update less than a month after the last one? What is this madness?!

I'm doing NaNoWriMo in November, so I probably won't be updating at all next month (though I seem to remember I did last year anyway, so who knows). And I thought it wasn't fair to you guys to make you wait over a month again, so I decided to use part of my last day of freedom to make this post.


Song: Flower Psychedelic (Otani Yuri ver)
Game/Anime/etc.: Alien Nine
Type: 3rd OP
Artist: Ibata Juri
Comments: Cutesy catchy pop song. It's not particularly amazing, but it will get stuck in your head.

Song: Futari Dake no Ongakukai
Game/Anime/etc.: Da Capo Four Seasons
Type: Spring theme
Artist: Horie Yui
Comments: Cute, laid-back pop song. It's not unpleasant to listen to, but not very memorable either.

Song: Ganbare
Game/Anime/etc.: Mugen no Ryvius
Artist: Seki Tomokazu
Comments: I'm sort of tired and braindead and I don't know what to say about this song. It's... sort of relaxed and folky and catchy. Yes.

Song: No Brand Heroes
Game/Anime/etc.: Koko wa Greenwood
Artist: Sakamoto Chika
Comments: Cheesy 90's anime pop. It's not bad, but not great.

Song: Pasera
Game/Anime/etc.: Nurse Witch Komugi
Artist: Ootani Ikue
Comments: Still more cutesy pop.

Song: Reverse
Game/Anime/etc.: Nurse Witch Komugi
Type: Kyosuke song
Artist: Saiga Mitsuki
Comments: Rockish with a bit of techno distortion. Saiga Mitsuki is great, as always.

Song: Tsubasajin Densetsu ~Tori no Uta~
Game/Anime/etc.: AIR (the movie)
Type: BGM
Artist: Suo Yoshikazu
Comments: I've never seen the movie version of AIR, so I've no idea when this plays. Anyway, this is an instrumental version of the game's (and anime's) opening theme, Tori no Uta. It starts out sort of... weird, for lack of a better word (what is that instrument?), but soon goes into a sweeping, rather epic-sounding rendition of the song, with violins as the main instrument. Later on, what sounds like a drum machine kicks in (which is a bit incongruous, if you ask me, but it's not too bad). Then, at around three minutes, it sounds like the song is about to end, but instead it starts up again -- slower, without the drums, and with something of a foreboding sound. Overall, while not my favorite BGM track in the history of ever, it's pretty solid. And hey, it's Tori no Uta. You can't go wrong with that.

Song: Why! The Zona's Song
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: J-pop
Artist: Morikubo Shoutarou
Comments: Morikubo Shoutarou does almost as much talking as he does singing in this track. The actual song parts are rockish and sort of cheesy, and the lyrics are kind of weird -- all about the singer being "the mysterious person Zona".

My Picks

Song: Kimi to Yozora to Sakamichi to
Game/Anime/etc.: Myself; Yourself
Type: ED
Artist: Itou Kanako
Comments: I had high hopes for Myself; Yourself after hearing that it was written by the scenario writer for Ever17, which is one of my favorite visual novels. However, it turned out to be a disappointingly cliché harem show -- the plot is unoriginal and the characters so cookie-cutter I couldn't make myself care about them at all. However, the time I spent watching the first four episodes wasn't a total waste, because the opening and ending themes are awesome. I particularly like this one, an upbeat pop-rock song featuring Itou Kanako's powerful vocals. Much like the show itself, it's nothing new or ground-breaking, but unlike the show, it's fun to listen to anyway.

Song: Koumaroku
Game/Anime/etc.: Koumaroku
Type: theme
Artist: Energyfield
Comments: In the spirit of the holiday, I bring you a song from an H-game about demons. Don't look at me like that, I haven't played it. I just like Energyfield's music. This song is actually quite gorgeous -- it starts off with the singer singing the chorus a cappella, slowly adding eerie, percussive music underneath her. Then there's a brief instrumental bit with piano and violin, and then the singer comes back, this time with... what I thought were echo effects until I actually listened and realized that the "echo" was singing something different from the singer. Anyway, it's quite pretty and haunting and, at only two minutes, far too short. I wonder if there's a longer version out there somewhere.

As always, requests are open; my list is here. One request per customer, and please request a specific song (not "anything by ____" or "anything from ____"). Please comment with your requests on the request post and not any other. Requests posted on rotations will be ignored.
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October 17th, 2007

11:56 pm
Another two-month gap in updates. Oops.

To the person who requested Orikasa Ai's Handsome, I'm sorry, my copy of the song seems to have vanished.


Song: Across the Universe
Game/Anime/etc.: Magic Knight Rayearth 2
Type: Lantis song
Artist: Kosugi Juurouta
Comments: Kosugi Juurouta performs a fairly simple, slow, repetitive melody over a distorted, discordant background... until around 2:40, when it transitions into an equally repetitive (if not more so) but less discordant and more major-key rockish chorus, which repeats until the end of the song, growing increasingly distorted. It's interesting, I'll give it that.

Song: Amethyst Remembrance ~ AMEJISUTO-iro no Omoide
Game/Anime/etc.: Yami no Matsuei
Type: Episode 2 insert
Artist: Saitou Kaoru
Comments: A fairly pretty, dreamy song with lyrics based on a poem by Emily Dickinson. Unfortunately, the singer's accent is terribly thick, making the lyrics very hard to understand. (This is the same artist who did "Who Has Seen The Wind" for Elemental Gelade, by the way, so if you've heard that, this song has a very similar sound.)

Song: Arashi no Umi
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: Electronic
Artist: Hirasawa Susumu
Comments: I lack the knowledge of electronica (or, really, of music in general)to properly describe any of Hirasawa Susumu's works, which is too bad, because I really like them. This one has a kind of sea-shanty-ish sound in parts -- appropriately enough, given that the title is "The Stormy Sea." And... I'm not really sure what else to say. It makes me think of pirates.

Song: Baka Survivor
Game/Anime/etc.: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Type: 2nd OP
Artist: Ulfuls
Comments: Baka Survivor is a rock song, I guess. Really, it's not so much a song as some guys shouting in a way that is vaguely in tune with some music. Maybe it's funny if you're familiar with the show, I don't know. It's not really my thing, though it may be yours.

Song: Kizuna
Game/Anime/etc.: Gokusen 2
Type: insert song
Artist: Kamenashi Kazuya
Comments: This song is a slow pop ballad, heavy on the acoustic guitar. The singer's voicce is a bit nasal, but it's not terrible. Personally, I find it a little boring, but then I'm not so much a fan of pop with male vocalists.

Song: Maze of the Dark
Game/Anime/etc.: Mahou Sensei Negima
Type: Evangeline, Sayo, & Chachamaru song
Artist: Matsuoka Yuki, Shiratori Yuri, & Watanabe Akeno
Comments: Somehow, a song sung by a vampire, a ghost, and a robot seems very appropriate for this time of year. Anyway, this is a surprisingly badass dark rock song. All three seiyuu sing quite well, which is something of a rarity in seiyuu group songs (Watanabe Akeno is particularly good, actually -- it's a shame she doesn't get more work). All in all, it's quite lovely -- definitely my favorite of the Negima group songs (though "Invitation ~Toshokan e Youkoso~" comes a close second... which could very well be because I love to read and any song that makes reading sound mysterious and magical and kind of sexy is okay by me).

Song: Super Shomin Car (short version)
Game/Anime/etc.: Shimotsuma Monogatari, a.k.a. Kamikaze Girls
Type: The Song That Goes Under The Credits, I believe. Well, one of two. Not technically the ending, since that's supposed to be Hey My Friend.
Artist: Cecil
Comments: Laid-back pop-rock with a definite retro feel. The singer's voice is kind of soft and whispery. It's very cute and catchy -- and at nearly four minutes, not all that short. Makes me wonder how long the full version is.

Song: Truth
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: J-pop
Artist: Minagawa Junko
Comments: A down-tempo song (mostly backed by piano and synths) that picks up a bit in the chorus. Minagawa Junko's voice is lovely, as always, but I find the song a bit bland, regardless.
Download vocal version!
Download karaoke version!

My Picks

Song: Schwarzweiß ~kiri no mukou ni tsunagaru sekai~
Game/Anime/etc.: Atelier Iris: GRAND FANTASM
Type: theme
Artist: Shimotsuki Haruka
Comments: I don't know how I've gone this long without posting this song. It's been at the top of my "most played songs" list for the past five months. If nothing else, this should tell you that I really, really love this song. If I had to give it a genre, I'd say it's some kind of rock (the instrumentation is heavy on the drums, electric guitar, and keyboard), but it makes use of violins and choral singing at some points, and between those things and Shimotsuki Haruka's ethereal vocals, this song is definitely something more than your average rock song. Most songs I love, I lose interest in after a few months, but I have yet to get tired of listening to this one.

Song: you
Game/Anime/etc.: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni?
Type: ???
Artist: Yukino Satsuki
Comments: I have no idea if this is an officially Higurashi-related release, or if Yukino Satsuki (who plays Shion and Mion in the anime series) just decided to pay homage to Higurashi's original music of her own accord. Anyway, this is a vocal version of "you," a background track from the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai visual novel(s), which should be instantly recognizable to anyone who's familiar with that version of Higurashi. The instrumentation isn't changed much from the original -- it's still heavy on the synthesized piano, though it adds something else I can't quite identify. Yukino Satsuki has a fairly nice voice, and the part where she harmonizes with herself is quite pretty. The lyrics are different from those of the vocal version of "you" found on the composer's "thanks / you" album, but the new lyrics are nice too, from what I can tell. All in all, a very pretty song, whether you know the original or not.

Song: Densha Kamo Shirenai
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: ... weird?
Artist: Chiku Toshiaki
Comments: Consider this one a special Halloween bonus. It's a strange little song, and I'm not quite sure how to describe it, but it's very creepy and appropriate for Halloween (see the lyrics). There's a video for it here, if you want to know what you're getting into before you download. (The singer's voice is kind of grating at first, but the song grows on you. At least, it did on me.)

As always, requests are open; my list is here. One request per customer, and please request a specific song (not "anything by ____" or "anything from ____"). Please comment with your requests on the request post and not any other. Requests posted on rotations will be ignored.
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September 8th, 2007

04:49 pm
Okay, guys, we're going to try something new with the requests. Starting after the next rotation, THIS WILL BE THE OFFICIAL REQUEST POST. It will be linked at the bottom of every entry. All requests should be left ON THIS POST instead of on the rotation post itself. Instead of taking the first eight requests on the entry, I'll take the next eight requests from this post. Each person is allowed only one "open" request at a time -- that is, if you have a request waiting to be fulfilled, you can't make any more requests until that song is posted. Multiple requests from the same person will be deleted.

I'm not sure if this will work, but clearly the way I've been doing it hasn't been working, so I'm going to give it a try. The songs requested last rotation will still be posted next rotation, but after that, any request left on a post other than this one will be ignored.

ETA: Just a reminder that you cannot request songs I don't have. Well, you can, but I'll delete your request, so it's really not recommended. I'm not going to go find songs for you, sorry. I have better things to do with my time.

ETA^2: Oh, for the love of-- can't any of you Google people read? Here, copy-pasted directly from the top of my list page:

"If you comment on the community, you may only request ONE song at a time, and it will be posted on the community, not sent to you. DO NOT go to that post to ask me to e-mail you a song. I will ignore you, and probably delete your comment."

Let me repeat that: DO NOT come to this post to ask me to e-mail you a song. This is for songs to be posted on the community ONLY. Why is that so hard to understand?
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September 5th, 2007

01:23 pm
Sorry, I don't have another update for you guys just yet. College has been eating me alive. However, as fans of anime music (at least, I assume most of you here are, since that's what I tend to post), I thought you might be interested in this. It's a countdown of the top 100 best anime songs of all time (according to 2ch). There were some classics that I was expecting to show up, some songs I was surprised to see on the list, some songs I was surprised not to see on the list... but half the fun of these things is finding out for yourself what makes the cut, so I won't say any more. Enjoy!
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August 16th, 2007

12:58 pm
Remember when I used to update regularly? Yeah, neither do I. I didn't realize it'd been nearly two months since the last update. orz

As a note, I've begun tagging my files in Japanese (kanji & kana, that is), so if some of the filetags seem to be question marks or other such gibberish, that's why. The title and artist information in romaji is still here, though, so you can fix it if you want. Sorry!

Well, anyway, on to the music!


Song: Disintegration Symphony - Second Movement
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: Trance/Orchestral
Artist: Sugai Eri
Comments: This arrangement takes the song (originally by Lia), slows it down, and gives it a (fairly minimal) pseudo-orchestral backing. It's pretty enough, but at nearly six minutes it gets a little boring. Also, nice as the singer's voice is, I still prefer Lia.

Song: Knockout Drops
Game/Anime/etc.: Araiso Executive Committee (aka Shiritsu Araiso... Reallylongtitle)
Artist: Ishikawa Hideo & Morikawa Toshiyuki
Comments: Down-tempo R&B-ish song -- it's even got a brief (very brief) rap break in the middle. I think the chorus is mostly in English, but I have no idea what they're saying.

Song: Menchi Aishuu no Borero (Human version)
Game/Anime/etc.: Excel Saga
Type: Episode 26 ED
Artist: The Excel Girls
Comments: The ending song of Excel Saga, only instead of the dog singing and the human translating, it's the other way around. This was used as the ending to the infamous Episode 26.

Song: MIRAKURU BODI ni Goyoujin
Game/Anime/etc.: VS Knight Ramune & 40 Fresh
Type: OP
Artist: Miyamura Yuuko & Hikami Kyoko
Comments: Action-y, slightly cheesy '90s anime theme with a side of innuendo. Okay, a lot of innuendo. Okay, maybe it's too blatant to even be called innuendo at all. One way or another, it's pretty catchy.

Song: Shiroi Inori
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: J-pop
Artist: Orikasa Ai
Comments: The song starts with a brief music box tune, then goes into a sort of techno-dance-y song, which isn't bad, on the whole (it is Orikasa Ai, after all), but doesn't do much for me, personally. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Song: Subete wa Umi e
Game/Anime/etc.: Sakura Taisen
Type: Sakura & Maria song, from Kaijin Bessou
Artist: Takano Urara & Yokoyama Chisa
Comments: I love this song. I love it so much that it's hard for me to give it a coherent description that's not just "a;lkdsf so pretty ♥♥♥". Anyway, this is a duet between Sakura as the princess of the land and Maria as the prince of the sea. It's very dramatic, and the harmony is gorgeous, especially at the end.

My Picks

Song: LeMU ~Harukanaru LEMURIA Tairiku~
Game/Anime/etc.: Ever17 ~Out of Infinity~
Type: OP
Artist: KAORI (not the I've one)
Comments: As you may or may not have noticed, I love visual novels, which is what Ever17 is. I got it recently, and almost immediately after seeing the opening video, I went and tracked down a copy of the song. (The video itself is pretty shiny too, by the way. Also, play the game, it's awesome.) It's a trance sort of thing (I think? I'm bad at genres. Definitely something electronic, though), and it has a sort of mysterious sound, which is fitting given the mysterious nature of the game. I really like it, if that wasn't already obvious.

Song: veracious ~Matataku Isshun no Hikari~
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: Doujin
Artist: Marie
Comments: This comes from a GWAVE Super Features album. I'm not entirely sure what those are except that they seem to involve a number of better-known doujin music composers/arrangers (like Barbarian on the Groove, Takumaru, OdiakeS... I don't know if these mean anything to any of you, but oh well). Anyway, this particular song is my favorite one off the album. It's got a rockish sound, and... actually, I can't seem to put into words why I like it so much. But it's a good song.

As always, requests are open; my list is here. One request per customer, and please request a specific song (not "anything by ____" or "anything from ____"). Starting this rotation, I will take the first eight (8) requests, which is really no less arbitrary a number than six, but it brings the total to an even ten, and I like that. Please comment with your requests on this post and not any other.
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June 28th, 2007

12:16 am - I am totally capable of closing my HTML tags properly.
Sorry this took so long -- I've been busy with work and things.


Song: Daisy to Croissant to Waltz
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: J-pop
Artist: Orikasa Ai
Comments: As the title suggests, it's a waltz-styled song. And... I'm really not sure what else to say about it. Uh... it's pretty?

Song: Kaze ni Naru Made
Game/Anime/etc.: Metal Fighter Miku
Type: OP
Artist: Momoda Kayoko
Comments: Cheerful slightly-rockish pop; fairly catchy. It's got kind of a generic "90s anime theme" sound to it, but it's not a bad song by any means.

Song: Melodie [Salva Nos ver.]
Game/Anime/etc.: Noir
Artist: Kajiura Yuki
Comments: It starts out with a keyboard (?) version of the Melodie, er, melody, then adds violins. About halfway through Salva Nos comes in, shortly followed by a choir singing lyrics which I'm pretty sure are English to the tune of Melodie. It's pretty typical Kajiura Yuki techno-meets-classical fare overall, but hey, it works.

Song: Moonlight Densetsu
Game/Anime/etc.: ... uh.
Type: Anime/cover
Artist: Hayami Shou
Comments: No, Hayami Shou was not actually in Sailor Moon. No, I don't know where this is from. Probably a radio show, I'm guessing. I'm not really sure how to describe it, beyond that it's Moonlight Densetsu as sung by Hayami Shou. What more do you need, really?

Song: Mrs. Robinson
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: J-pop/cover
Artist: Takano Urara
Comments: I remembered this as being painfully Engrishy with a weird arrangement that really didn't work for me, but listening to it again, it's not so bad. It doesn't do anything too new with the song, I don't think (though it's been a while since I've heard the original), and it doesn't seem to suit Takano Urara's voice very well, but it's decent.

Song: Tabikounen Sora e
Game/Anime/etc.: N/A
Type: J-pop
Artist: tiaraway
Comments: Upbeat and poppy without being cutesy. It's pleasant to listen to, but generic, and leaves little in the way of a lasting impression.

My Picks

Song: Doshaburi LONELY HEART
Game/Anime/etc.: Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Mai Hitoyo~
Type: Tenma song
Artist: Seki Tomokazu
Comments: Fast, rockish song. I don't know what it is about this song that makes me love it so much more than any of the similar songs I have, but for some reason I do. Also, it's good for driving very fast to. Particularly at night and/or in the rain (not that I encourage such reckless behavior, and I'd certainly never do it myself).

Song: Yorokobi no Uta / Watashi no Aozora (a capella)
Game/Anime/etc.: Sakura Taisen
Artist: Teikoku Kagekidan (plus Orikasa Ai)
Comments: From a live show, so the quality isn't great, but the song itself is lovely. It starts off with a slow bit to the tune of the Ode to Joy (why, I have no idea -- it's a bit odd but at least it sounds nice), and then goes into an a capella version of Watashi no Aozora (the ED of the original OVA). The girls (or women, I suppose -- they're nothing like as young as the characters they play) harmonize very well, and the arrangement is very nice and... basically I love this song.

As always, requests are open; my list is here. One request per customer, please request a specific song (not "anything by ____" or "anything from ____"), I will only take the first six (6) requests. Please comment with your requests on this post and not any other.

Jesus, people, I have six requests already. I had six within a day of posting this. You can stop now and, you know, wait for the next rotation.
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